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  List of Nagaland Advocate Generals in chronological order:

S.NO. Name Date Of Joining Served Till
1 Shri. Dibyendu Mohan Sen 1969 --
2 Shri. S.K. Ghosh 1972 --
3 Shri. R.C Chaudhury 12th February,1975 23.02.1978
4 Shri. Bhabesh Chandra Baruah 27th March,1978 24.06.1978
5 Shri. J.P Bhattacharjee August,1978 April,1990
6 Shri. Nagendra Nath Saika 1st June, 1990 November,1991
7 Dr. Mukundakam Sharma 16th April,1992 1993
8 Shri. A.R Barthakur 3rd March,1994 31.03.2003
9 Shri. Nilay Ananda Dutta 1st April,2003 11.03.2005
10 Shri. K.N. Balgopal 30th March,2005 18.06.2015
11 Shri. Vikramjit Banerjee 19th June 2015 23.03.2018
12 Shri. K.N Balgopal 24th March 2018 Till date

  List of Nagaland Additional Advocate Generals in chronological order:

S.NO. Name Date Of Joining Served Till
1 Shri. D.K Misra 31st August,1992 September,2000
2 Shri. Imzang Jamir 27th October,2000 October,2006
3 Shri. P.Pius Lotha 25th July,2008 30th April 2011
4 Shri. L.S Jamir November, 2009 May 2013
5 Shri. Kakheto Sema 12th June, 2012 12th October, 2021
6 Shri. T. B. Jamir May 2013 25th June 2022
7 Shri. Kekhriengulie 25th April 2018 26th April 2022
8 Shri. Imti Imsong 13th June 2022 Till date
9 Shri. Tsibu Khro 13th June 2022 Till date
10 Shri. L. Tsipongse Sangtam 13th June 2022 Till date
11 Smti. Vihelieu Suokhrie 13th June 2022 Till date
12 Smti. Monica Kechu 1st May 2023 Till date



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