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Shri Neiko Akami, NJS
Joint Registrar & DDO
Shri K. Adani Loli
Deputy Registrar, (Admn.& Protocol)
Shri Rajenlung Kemai
Deputy Registrar (Judicial)
Shri E.L Watty Longchar
Assistant Registrar, (Admn. & Protocol)
Shri Temsutoshi
Assistant Registrar, (Judicial)
Shri Imsuyanger
Librarian cum Research Officer
Smti. K.Kaini
PS to Hon'ble Judge
Shri Imtiakum Imchen
PS to Hon'ble Judge
Smti. Kiyazhatuou Chase
PS to Hon'ble Judge
Smti. Gaithuiliu Gonmei
Court Officer
Shri Renthungo Jungio
Administrative Officer(Judicial) Accounts
Shri Mhao Kikon
Administrative Officer (Judicial) Filing
Shri Kuoliebeizo
Administrative Officer(Judicial) Bench
Kumari Tammila Zamik
Administrative Officer (Judicial)Establishment
Kumari Maureen Murry
Assistant Protocol Officer
Smti. Canaany Jajo
Shri Amento Asumi
Systems Officer
Shri Francis D Sote
Deputy Librarian
Kumari Alono Krose


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