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Judges Profile
  Former Portfolio Judges of Kohima with photos in chronological order :
Hon'ble Mr. Justice W.A Shishak
(1st March,1992 - 30th November,2000)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice H.K Sema
(1st March,1992 - 15th January,2001)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Beryl Lamare
(16th January,2001 - 31st October,2004)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice I.A Ansari
(1st November,2005 - 31st January,2009)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Zelre Angami
(1st May,2006 - 31st October,2006)
(1st March,2008 - 30th April,2008)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice MBK Singh
(1st November,2006 - 29th February,2008)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice PK Musahary
(1st March,2008 - 30th June,2008)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.Meruno
(1st July,2008 - 31st January,2009)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Mutum Binoy Kumar Singh
(1st Gebruary,2009 - 31st March,2011)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Shri Arup Kumar Goswami
(1st April,2011 - 16th July 2013)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Shri Prasanta Kumar Saikia
(16th July 2013 - 3rd January 2014)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Shri Nishitendu Chaudhury
(3rd January 2014 - 3rd November 2015)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice L.S. Jamir
(3rd November 2015 - 8th October 2018) transferred to High Court of Manipur
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Shri S. Serto
(3rd October 2016 - Till date)
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Manish Choudhury
(21st January 2019 - Till date)


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